Project:   Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur


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Citaat Pelli:

“In a building of this scale, moving people around is a major challenge. The designers came up with an interesting way of addressing the problem. At the main entrances, people who are going to even-numbered floors can simply board an elevator. People going to odd-numbered floors must ride an escalator one floor up to board the second level of the very same elevators. This way a single elevator car can serve two floors simultaneously”.


Enkele gegevens:


Vertical Transportation                     Double-Deck and Skylobby Systems.

Lower floors (Floors 8 - 37) are served by two banks of 6-1600/1600kg double-deck elevators.

Upper floors (Floors 44 - 83) are served by one bank of 6-1600/1600kg, and two banks of 3-1600/1600kg double-deck elevators.

Skylobbies (Floor 41 and 42) are served by five 2100/2100kg double-deck shuttle elevators.




Vertical Transportation

Total= 76 lifts. 29 Double-deck high speed passenger lifts in each tower. Each double-deck can carry 26 persons.

Number of escalators

10 in each tower